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Let´s make Berlin carbon neutral

Hey there!
We are Klimaneustart Berlin (Climate restart Berlin). We work towards a deeper integration of Berlin‘s climate movement, politics and citizens. We inform, push the subject on the agenda and motivate others. We believe that anything’s still possible.

Where does climate policy stand in Berlin?
In December 2019, Climate Emergency was declared for Berlin – the government accepts the urgency of the climate crisis! But which action is taken to comply? Berlin is aiming for climate neutrality in 2045. Leading climate scientists agree: that’s clearly too late to reach the 1.5° target of the Paris agreement! Even the implementation of existing laws and measures is not progressing.

What we do:
With the popular referendum “Berlin 2030 Carbon Neutral“, we plan to make Berlin carbon neutral by 2030, instead of 2045 as is currently planned. We plan to do this through 18 binding changes to the law. “Berlin 2030 Carbon Neutral“ is necessary if Berlin wants to be compatible with the 1.5°C target stipulated in the Paris climate agreement.

You still have questions?
Cool, we’re looking forward to answering them! Drop us a message at

Are you in?

We're saving 78 million tonnes of CO2.